When Leonardo Servadio thought of Ellesse he had only one thing in mind: passion. He poured this passion into the creation of a brand that set a trend, and now, as the years have passed, Ellesse has returned; like a phoenix rising from its aches to once again reach the pinnacle of success. That, which it already knows so well. 

Ellesse is much more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. 

Be bold

Ellesse is not just another brand, it is Ellesse. It’ s different, trendy, fresh, dynamic, colourful, lively, sincere, and it has been that way since it was founded, back in the 60s. The eighties style has set the tone in this resurgence in which a new public sees Ellesse as a reference in sports fashion. Today Ellesse shows the essence of a great culture embodied in collections that offer sophistication, elegance, and distinction. 


Ellesse does not design something ephemeral, but something eternal, nor something fleeting, but something infinite. 


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