Smelly shoes are a thing of the past.

The European style heel with orthopaedic design, bridge support and anatomical base position your feet at the optimal level of health and comfort. Because the resin is closed cell, it is antibacterial. This means that it is resistant to any bacteria or fungi that cause odours both on the foot as well as in the shoe. Smelly shoes are a thing of the past. Unlike any other sandal, Crocs shoes protect and cover by providing adequate ventilation. 

Take care of your Crocs.


Do not expose your shoes to high temperatures or intense sunlight. Due to the nature of Croslite™, heat can shrink and/or deform your Crocs. 


Crocs can be washed with cold water and soap. Models with more delicate materials can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Crocs, the most fun, comfortable, and functional shoes.

Having seafaring origins, these shoes do not go unnoticed, regardless of where they go. They have become indispensable for millions of people, whether for work, sailing, or simply walking comfortably. 

A new genre of shoes.

Crocs shoes are the most comfortable and versatile shoes, a new genre of shoes that combines the comfort of clogs with a material that offers extraordinary benefits. The special Patented Closed Cell Resin (PCCR) warms and softens with body heat and adapts to the skin. 

They can even float.

Another advantage of the resin is its very high friction coefficient. This fact makes Crocs an incredibly grippy, slip-resistant shoe with a sole that won’t scuff any surface. If you wear them in or near water, you’ll see that they even float. 

Crocs shoes are ideal for those who are on their feet all day and need comfortable and grippy shoes; health or food professionals, sailors, hairdressers, salespeople, travellers and comfort seekers all love their Crocs. 

Without overlooking comfort.

Over the years, Crocs™ has adapted to fashion trends and its current collections include different models, with modern colours, but without ever compromising on comfort and functionality, the brand’s hallmark. 

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